Pursuing and Initiating: The Role of Men in Dating

In the follow up to Waiting and Responding: The Role of Women in Dating, I’ll let this guy talk to the dudes. But this is such a great video for both men and women to watch!

In all our earthly relationships, may the glory of the Gospel shine brighter than even our love for each other.

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6 thoughts on “Pursuing and Initiating: The Role of Men in Dating

  1. Incredible wisdom! I love this video! Every man of God needs to take these simple principles and apply them now. I am actually in this exact situation. Im pursuing this amazing woman of God.Learning to be patient and to cherish her is where I am at. She is scared I know but with constant prayer and pursuit, I know this will work. Thanks for the video!

  2. Colette says:

    LOVE this video! I’m glad a male came up with this idea! I often tell my spiritual mothers/fathers and friends that I/women want to be pursued! Dudes, come up with a date! Don’t ask me where I want to go! Take initiative and set something up!
    No bashing though! I keep hope alive, knowing that one will get the picture one day to pursue and take lead! It’s in your DNA!

  3. Juliana Reed says:

    I’ve watched this until I laughed so hard i cried…. So funny and so wise…This video rocks.

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