Dirty Dancing: High School Edition

As a youth leader and someone who deeply, deeply loves the girls God has entrusted to my leadership, I beg you to read this. 

People who should read the following blog:

  • Parents.
  • Youth leaders.
  • Girls.
  • Daughters.
  • Sisters.
  • Brothers.
  • High schoolers.
  • Moms.
  • Dads.
  • Females.
  • Aunts.
  • Uncles.

You get the point.

Parents, I earnestly implore you to read this and fight for the souls of your children.

Dad, Can I Go to the Homecoming Dance?

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4 thoughts on “Dirty Dancing: High School Edition

  1. Juliana Reed says:

    That was intense… But good to know. Thanks 😉

  2. Rebekah-Ann says:

    Thankfully there are some schools (a friend from Florida who went to one who’s in college now) that have dress codes, if a girl shows up with a dress or slit above the knee she is not allowed to enter, but sadly, not all schools do that. 😦 Hopefully more schools will start doing that.

    • Yes, absolutely. Or it would be great if, you know, school administration would, oh I don’t know, enforce the rules. Better still, that parents would actually parent and teach their children respectable behavior and that children would actually comply.

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