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Finding Beauty in the Winter

finding beauty in the winter.jpg

My sister loves winter.

She loves the snow, the cold, the way your lungs freeze up and give out when you try to breathe, all of it. (Okay, fine, I embellished the breathing one, though she does like breathing cold air.)

I’m not a fan.

I love sunshine and warmth and the smell of dirt and trees. I love being outside and hiking and adventures and going barefoot and being at and in the lake (that isn’t frozen). I love outdoor sports and Enoing (is that a verb? Let’s go with yes) and picnics and grilling and barbecues and, as you can see, pretty much anything that includes eating outside.

On the other hand, it’s unnatural how much I hate jackets and coats. I would rather risk pneumonia than put on a jacket. You know what else I could go the rest of my life without? Socks. And short days and having to start your car 20 minutes before you go anywhere so your hands don’t permanently freeze to the steering wheel.

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Waves of Nostalgia, Basketball Memories and Turning the Page


Nostalgia can pounce on you sometimes.

Such a moment occurred a few days ago as I re-read some of the columns from when I served as sports editor for The Murray State News in college (some of my favorite years).

As I read one column, “Forever Young” (with a tipped hat to Jay-Z), the words resonated with my heart as much now as they did when I was writing about the basketball team losing in the third round of the NCAA tournament.

Maybe you need to read it too. Maybe you need permission to dream of better days and greater things. Permission to start a new chapter.

Let’s be brave enough to turn the page.


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Buy Canvases, Send Me to Asia


If you haven’t heard, I’m going to South Asia.

And I know you’re on pins and needles wondering how you can help fund this trip, right? Hahaha. But really, if you would like to support the trip you can do so in a few ways. Financially, through a) making a donation, b) scheduling a photo shoot or c) buying a handlettered canvas.

If you’re interested in the canvases, here is a link to show you some of my work.

Typical sizes and prices are as follows (but there are plenty of other sizes if you’re interested!):

5x7s – $10
8x10s – $15
11x14s – $25
16x20s – $35

You can pay through PayPal or send a check. Email me at sophie[at]realtruthmatters[dot]com if you’re interested in placing a custom order or you want to order something from the pinterest board.

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For your Christmas shopping…

If you’re in the Paducah, Ky., area on Saturday, come do some shopping at the Holiday Bazaar! I’ll be selling canvases and taking orders for Christmas, my sweet mom will be selling crafts, my sister will be selling Young Living essential oils, and many others will be selling awesome things as well.

Come and do three of my favorite things: Christmas shop, socialize and eat!


Monday Morning Munch No. 96 – Do you have eyes that see…


Repeat after me:

It’s not my circumstances that are the problem, it’s the way I view them.

This repetition is continual practice for me as the last couple of months have proven that I’m still looking at things from my perspective, not through the lens of the Gospel.

So I started asking myself some questions. There are so many more we could ask ourselves, and maybe you have some more to add that can help us continue to shape a Gospel-oriented mindset? If so, I would l o v e to hear them.


  • The Lord as the only source of goodness (Psalm 16:1)?
  • God’s incomparable holiness (Isaiah 40:28, 25)?
  • God’s demand for your holiness (1 Peter 1:14-16, 1 John 2:5b-6)?
  • That by serving the “least of these” you are serving Christ (Matthew 29:40)?
  • Sin as exceedingly sinful (Romans 7:13)?
  • That God created you as His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10, Psalm 139)?
  • God’s grace as sufficient for every single thing you face in life (2 Corinthians 12:9)?
  • Beauty in the ashes (Isaiah 61:3)?
  • God’s strength in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9)?
  • Death as life (Luke 9:23-25)?
  • The Bible as the only way to purity and life (Psalm 119:9, 50)?
  • Your heart as desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9)?
  • You desperate need for Christ’s atoning sacrifice (2 Corinthians 5:21)?
  • Your help comes only from the Lord (Isaiah 41:13)?
  • That it pleased God to crush His spotless Son for you (Isaiah 53:10)?
  • God’s flawless sovereignty, love, justice and mercy even in the hardships, trials and terrible situations and circumstances of this life (Romans 8:28)?
  • Everything as a tool in the hands of a loving Father to shape you more and more into the image of Christ (Ephesians 4:13, 2 Corinthians 3:17-18)?
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Etsy Sale For Missions


Two weeks from Monday we’re headed back to Romania, so in the Lettering for the World Etsy shop all canvases and prints are 15% off (in addition to free shipping for US orders) when you use the coupon code: ROMANIA15, with all profits going to the Romania Missionary Fellowship and our trip.

Check out to check out the selection (some pictured below) or let me know if you have a custom order idea!

Thank you for advancing the Kingdom of God on this earth through the support of missions!

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Monday Morning Munch No. 74 – Mocking Jesus

My pride would like to tell you I’ve never before mocked Jesus. Me?! Mock the Savior of the world? Ha. I (arrogantly) scoff at such a statement. 

But this morning as I read Matthew 27, I wept for that very reason.

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Monday Morning Munch No. 67 – Morning Prayer


I give you my life today.

My plans.
My to do lists.
My heart. 
My will.

Lead me into the path of righteousness and into Your will and plan for today.
May I not try to be innovative but obey everything You say to me.
Thank you for Your love.
May You be highly exalted in this day.

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Monday Morning Munch No. 59 – You’re Beautiful


This song has been on my heart so much I had to put it on canvas.

Do you ever have a song on your heart that just perfectly describes everything you’re longing to say but can’t seem to articulate?

This is that song for me.

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Lettering for the World


Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” 

There is a great big world out there filled with people who need to know the Gospel, the only letters that truly matter, and I want to do what I can, with what I have, where I am to help spread the Gospel and advance God’s kingdom on this earth.

For me, doing what I can with what I have looks like going to the nations as God sends but also using what talents He has given me to promote Jesus Christ and His grand plan of redemption. Therefore, after much prayer and with some encouragement from others, I opened an Etsy shop to sell canvases and prints to raise support for the Romania Missionary Fellowship, a nonprofit organization that trains and equips pastors and church leaders in Eastern Europe to make disciples as Jesus commanded.

Click here to visit the Lettering for the World Etsy Shop

Mosey on over to the shop and see if something strikes your fancy. And let me know if you have a custom order, I’ll try my best to make it to your specifications. When you purchase a canvas/print, you’ll be supporting missions and helping to advance the glory and exultation of Christ on this earth.

Together we can join God in wrapping His arms around the nations.

For more information on the Romania Missionary Fellowship check out

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” -Jesus, Matthew 28:19-20

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