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Is God Enough in the Wilderness?

Is God Enough in the Wilderness?.jpg

The last week has felt a lot like what I imagine the wilderness felt like to Moses and the children of Israel.

I’ve ached for relief from the heat and unfamiliar surroundings that are, ironically, becoming achingly familiar (“Didn’t we pass that tree a few months ago?” “Is that the same hill I tripped over last year?” “Do you recognize that brown spot? We must have seen it before. Oh right, we have.”). For forty years they wandered, making lap after lap around the barren land, complaining about their manna and quail, and wishing for what God in His mercy saw fit to withhold.

Well, hello, insight to Sophie’s heart.  

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Monday Morning Munch No. 158 – Walking in the Wilderness

Walking in the wilderness.jpg

“Walking in a winter wonderland,”  has quite a different ring than “Walking in a wilderness of adversity,” doesn’t it?

But that’s where the Israelites found themselves for 40 years. And that’s where we sometimes find ourselves as well, isn’t it?

We’re familiar—sometimes mournfully so—with the sandy terrain and rough patches, the brown landscapes and dry air of the wilderness, and we long for a respite, for a hint of green, for shade and cool water.

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