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God Never Wastes Your Waiting

God never wastes your waiting.jpg

Instant downloads.
Express lanes.
Remote-start cars.

We’re a culture that knows what we want—and we want it now.

Feasting on entitlement and instant gratification, we hate delays in traffic, food service, and the Internet. My coworker says we live in a drive-thru society and because of that we’ve developed aversions to any and every delay, glorifying everything instant.

This bleeds over into our walk with God. We want Him to answer, provide, and show Himself the second we ask, seek, or knock. But sometimes His answer comes in silence (which is not the same as abandonment) or a whispered, Wait.

That’s where God has me right now. It’s good and hard and holy and is daily exposing my heart, which is tainted by the desire to control everything. Impatience reveals we are not God and that, try as we might, we cannot make things operate on our timetable.

In this reality, I am called to wait. Maybe you are, too.

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Learning to Dream Again

learning to dream again

I’ve been a dreamer my whole life. 

My parents are probably the biggest influences in this. They are extraordinary and I, ashamedly, don’t tell them that enough. Say what you want about the Dallas Cowboys, but my parents are the best cheerleaders the world has ever known. They have fought for me, pushed me, and believed in me when I didn’t even know what that meant or looked like. They taught me to dream, to hope, to drain every ounce of life from each day, and to strive for more than could be attained in this life.

Like Gabriel Oak, who told Bathsheba Everdeen in Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd, “I believe in you entirely. I don’t believe there is anything you can’t do,” my parents reverberated that message my entire life. Their love for me and confidence in the Lord created a space safe to both dream and fail and dream again.

But here’s the thing about my dreams: none of them happened.

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Randy Alcorn: Death is not the end of adventure


For the Christian,
is not the
end of adventure
but a
a world
where dreams and adventures
to a world
where dreams and adventures
e x p a n d.

-Randy Alcorn

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Ambitions, goals and dreams

We all have them in one form or another. We all aspire to be someone or something, musicians, athletes, doctors, preachers, teachers, the list goes on. 

Perhaps God is using your life goals to plant in you the desire to carry out something for His glory completely beyond your wildest imaginings.

Dream with me for a bit…

[This list, made for my True Beauty girls, is by no means exhaustive but maybe, just maybe God will use it to broaden horizons and reveal to you how much He loves you and wants to use you in part of His redemptive work among the nations.]

doctors without bordersWhat if God planted the desire of being a doctor in your heart not so you could make a six-figure income and live a comfortable life, but to deny yourself the right to comfort and to instead lay your life down for those remote villages in third world countries who have no medical access?

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Bucket Lists and Magazines

This weekend I was looking over some of my old journals and found a list of “100 things I want to do before I die” from March 2010. Despite my ambitious personality, I only made it to 37 things.

Some of the list included:

  • Compete in the Olympics
  • Get a 4.0 in college
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Lead someone to Christ
  • Go on a mission trip to Africa
  • Constantly abide with Christ
  • Write a book

While I’ve been able to mark off about 12 things off the list, one thing jumped out to me.

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