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A Time to Embrace

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The conversation is seared into my brain.

We were at the kitchen table eating breakfast with my dad, studying Scripture, and processing how we are prone to see suffering as an inconvenience rather than what it is, love from God, when one of our best friends said,

“[Suffering] actually produces gold and then you level up (1 Peter 1:6-7), like in a video game, so you almost want to go find land mines joyfully and destroy them so we get more of Christ.”

For a couple of years, my constant prayer has been that I would not resist anything that would make me look more like Christ. But Daniel’s words at breakfast opened up a completely new (and convicting) perspective.

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Monday Morning Munch No. 86 – Sowing Wild Oats


I’ll never forget the day this cute guy named John* looked at me and said, “Sophie, you are exactly the kind of girl I want to marry.”

I gasped. I mean, how can you not melt just a bit when someone tells you that?

But John wasn’t finished.

“I’m serious,” he laughed at my gasp. “You’re sweet, love God, serve others, always try to do more to help, you help me with everything I’m going through and you make me laugh.

“You’re exactly the kind of girl I want to marry. But I want to sow my wild oats first.”

Whoa. Um, thanks?

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Sensitivity + Contentment = My Words for 2014

IMG_2862There are lots of areas in which I would like to grow this year (discipline, listening, humility and more), but the two areas God has laid on my heart the heaviest are being sensitive to Him and being content in whatever situation, location or season of life He has me.

You can read my definitions for the two words above, along with my verse for the year (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Who knows, maybe it will encourage you and we can help each other stay focused on what who really matters this year.

May 2014 be a monumental year for us in our walk with the Lord and may He be glorified and honored in our hearts and lives more than ever before.

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