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The Unexpected Gift of McDonald’s

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Over the last several months, I’ve been to McDonald’s more than ever before in my life.

And I’ve never been more grateful for the Golden Arches.

This gratitude is not due to a fervent love (or even appreciation) for McDonald’s particular strand of gourmet food or because of their recent commitment to all white-meat chicken in their nuggets, or even their quality black coffee which I consume with Gilmore-esque enthusiasm.

This newfound love for McDonald’s actually has nothing to do with McDonald’s and everything to do with whom I dine.

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When Loneliness Hits


I struggle with vulnerability.

There are a few reasons why that’s the case, but mostly it’s pride and the desire to be seen as better than I really am.

I don’t know who might read this but I’m going to pretend that we’re the oldest and dearest of friends and rip my mask off for you. Even if it hurts.

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