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2017: Leaning in Because Jesus is Better

leaning in because jesus is better.jpg

My “Jesus is Better” bracelet is tarnished and worn.

I think that’s appropriate.

It’s had to be repaired four times in the last month.

I think that’s also appropriate, because Jesus really is better than anything, including a piece of jewelry designed to remind me of that truth.

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When God Slays Us

When God Slays Us.jpg

I look around me and see brokenness.

Broken relationships. Broken hearts. Broken bodies. Broken souls.

I look in me and see brokenness. I am a fractured soul in a fractured world. And I’m learning that this brokenness is preaching a sermon.

Brokenness reveals our need for a Savior and for Someone to make us whole.
Brokenness reveals we are not sufficient to make it through this life on our own.
Brokenness reveals we are not the masters of our own destiny, because we can’t even get ourselves out of suffering.
Brokenness confronts our source of identity and awakens our hearts to new ways of depending on the Great Sovereign.
Brokenness challenges our worship.

What will we do with our brokenness? What will we do when God justly afflicts us? What will we do when He pierces our hearts?

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Monday Morning Munch No. 142 – When you don’t want to remember

when remembering hurts

Remembering hurts.

Memories sting. Nostalgia is painful. Recollection can bite.

Not all the time, of course. But right now? Yes.

My journal is filled with pages of remembering.

Remembering what God has done.
Remembering what I pray He will do (in me, in our church, in my girls, in our country, in the nations).
Remembering His promises.
Remembering victories.
Remembering His faithfulness.
Remembering losses (during which He was just as faithful as during the victories).
Remembering what I wish I could forget.

Have you ever wanted to forget moments? It’s not that you wish they hadn’t happened necessarily—maybe you’re even thankful for the lessons learned during that time—you just would love to stop reliving the moments in your mind? I’m there.

I just want to forget.

But that’s not healthy. And I really want to be healthy.

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Monday Morning Munch No. 133 – God hates suffering


Bad things are happening all around us. 

Terrorism. Heartache. Suffering. Loss. The weight of each inscrutable.

Then we have Christmas, which seems like the opposite end of the spectrum. Christmas brings joy. Celebration. Music. Love. The weight of each delightful.

But Christmas is not the opposite of pain and these two camps aren’t competing. Rather, Christmas gives us pause and a reminder to endure this disgusting world poisoned by sin because we have One who endured for us.

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